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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Floyd Simon ]
Floyd initially had a look at Russell Saunders' work (the groups original Aboriginal art and culture tutor) and got interested in art himself. He joined Tobwabba when it first got started and found that he enjoyed the artwork a lot.

For Floyd, Tobwabba has meant a great many personal changes, as well as change to both the Aboriginal and the wider community.

  "Local people are starting to look up to us. When people tell you you're doing a good job you start to get a bit of respect for yourself."

Since November 1995 Floyd has been working full-time at Tobwabba in sales and curatorship as a Jobs North trainee.
He thinks Tobwabba's strength is that it is a black business, with Aboriginal people involved in selling as well as producing the art. He believes this makes Tobwabba a 'real' Aboriginal business selling 'real' Aboriginal art.

In the future Floyd would like to see an Aboriginal person from the local community managing Tobwabba. He would also like to see Tobwabba establish a much larger gallery and exhibition space.

Now that his traineeship is nearly finished, Floyd would like to spend a bit of time concentrating on his painting, and deciding whether he wants to concentrate on the sales or the art side of Tobwabba. In the future he would like a job which enabled him to travel widely and see Aboriginal art all over Australia.

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