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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Gaye Leon ]
Artworks Created: Waterlily Harvest.

Gaye was born in Queensland, and moved to Forster to be closer to her family.
Before becoming involved with Tobwabba, Gaye studied art at TAFE. Consequently, she came to Tobwabba with many of her art skills already established.
Because of this, when Tobwabba began receiving design commissions, Gaye found the move from producing paintings to producing designs easier than did some of the other artists. The change was also made easier for her because she enjoys working in the bright colours which have characterised so many successful Tobwabba Art designs.

Being one of the Tobwabba artists has meant greater financial independence for Gaye, although the income from her work varies through the year.

Gaye says that Tobwabba's success has shown the wider community of Forster that the Aboriginal community can do it. She feels that Tobwabba has created new respect for Forster's Aboriginal community.

In creating designs, Gaye tries to produce something she would like to buy herself, although she admits that she is constrained by having to conform to the guidelines of the companies which commission the designs.
Gaye has got a great deal of satisfaction from her work at Tobwabba, and intends to continue working with the group.

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