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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Graham Ridgeway ]
Graham has lived in Forster all his life. He has been with Tobwabba Art since it began in 1992. Initially, Graham enjoyed the Aboriginal culture which was taught to the artists, as well as the art.

He prefers producing paintings to designs, and prefers to work in the earthy colours. Graham has enjoyed the exhibitions he as attended as a Tobwabba artists. He also enjoys the new recognition he receives as an artist. When people ask him what he's doing he tells them about Tobwabba and always receives a positive response.

Graham thinks that this recognition extends to the whole Aboriginal community in Forster. The easy-going management, and the support of the group of artists have been important to Tobwabba's success as far as Graham is concerned, and he imagines staying with Tobwabba in the future.

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