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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Joanne Donnelly ]
Jo has been with Tobwabba Art since it began in 1992. For the majority of that time she has worked as an artist.

When Jo came to Tobwabba she had no experience with art, but a desire to do something different. She has no particular preference for colours, and enjoys working with a variety of styles and mediums.

At the end of 1995 she took up a full-time position as a trainee administrative assistant. Now that she has moved to the administrative side of Tobwabba Jo isn't able to be as involved with her art as she would like. She still submits design samples for contracts and paints when she can find time Since taking up the traineeship, Jo has developed computer skills, administrative skills, customer service skills and is being trained in the banking procedures at Tobwabba.

She is very comfortable working in an Aboriginal workplace.

  "Its more relaxing, easier to get on. You know how to talk and act, you know what they're like 'cause you're the same."

Jo sees her future lying with Tobwabba for the next few years, but eventually she would like a job that enables her to travel.

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