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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Linda Currie ]
Linda started at Tobwabba with the original group in 1992. She left Tobwabba to do a CABE course at TAFE, during which she continued to visit the studio. When the CDEP program began at Tobwabba in 1993 Linda rejoined the group.

Linda enjoys painting very much, and likes having something to do with her time. In her work Linda likes to paint native animals and plants, and prefers to paint in the natural colours of the particular animal or plant she is painting.

While Linda has done some design work, she finds waiting for a response from the submission of a design sample very difficult. Linda says that she has changed since she has been working at Tobwabba, particularly in her new outspokenness.

Tobwabba has also made a difference financially for Linda. She believes that Tobwabba's success has made some difference in the community relations around the town, although she still thinks that things are a lot less friendly than they were when she went to school in Forster.

Still, she believes Tobwabba is going places and deserves its success as everyone has worked so hard to make it what it is.

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