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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Loretta McDonald ]
Loretta was doing the CABE course before she joined Tobwabba in 1992. She came to Tobwabba because she thought it would be something to do. Once she began painting she found it enjoyable, and discovered that she has a great deal of skill.

Loretta found that she prefers to work in dark colours, colours she describes as 'earthy'. When the design commissions began coming in, Loretta found the change over from art work to design work quite difficult, and she still prefers to work on paintings rather than designs.

In general, Loretta is happy with the way Tobwabba has been managed. While she says that Tobwabba hasn't made a great deal of difference to her life, it has made some impact on her income.

Although she has more money coming in, it is patchy and unpredictable. The artists as a group are an important part of Tobwabba's success as far as Loretta is concerned. She says that even though the artists are competitive, especially over design commissions, things remain friendly.

For the future, Loretta would like to see Tobwabba set up a bigger shop and sell more paintings.

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