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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Mandy Davis ]
Artworks Created: Teaching Gounds, Women Gathering Bush Tucker, Women Gathering Sarsparilla.

Mandy joined the artists at Tobwabba a year ago. Mandy had been experimenting with Aboriginal designs for some time before she joined the group. She saw being part of Tobwabba as a great chance to learn more about art and develop her skills.

Turquoises, purples and blues are the colours Mandy enjoys working in. Previously, Mandy had a number of different jobs around the local area, but found them much more stressful than Tobwabba. She finds working in an Aboriginal workplace very relaxing, and says that she gets a lot of personal and professional support from the group.

Mandy believes that Tobwabba's success lies in the quality of the art produced, and in the successful management of the organisation.

For the future she would like to see Tobwabba setting up a larger shop and gallery to sell more art, and to begin selling art overseas. At the same time it is very important that Tobwabba continue to maintain its community base and provide more options for the kids of the community in the future. She hopes to stay with Tobwabba.

  "It's great to find something you really enjoy doing. I'd never give it up."

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