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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Perry Cunningham (Pep) ]
Perry was born in Forster and has lived and worked in the area all his life. Having painted most of his life, he became interested in wood work and sculpture about three years ago after completing a joinery course.

After watching the development of the artists and the art he believed that Tobwabba had achieved "great things for the community".

Since joining Perry has been able to expand his talent and begin experimenting as he has access to a wide range of tools and timber but, more importantly, the closeness of other Aboriginal artists.

Perry believes in Tobwabba and what it can achieve, bringing awareness and hope to the next generation.

  "Culture must not be forgotten, it is who we are".

Perry sees a future with Tobwabba and hopes it will continue to be bigger and better so that everyone can prosper.

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