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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Ron Potter ]
Artworks Created: Goanna & King Brown, The Dreaming, Footprints & Spirits.

Ron joined the group of Tobwabba artists a month or two after their initial art and culture course in 1992. Previously, he had been involved in CDEP programs which involved manual work, like building and mowing, and he thought he'd have a go at something new. Once he joined Tobwabba, Ron found the work fun and relaxing, and developed into a very skilled artist.

He discovered that he prefers to work in the earthier tones associated with traditional Aboriginal art.

Ron is nearing the end of a teaching degree at the Australian Catholic University. He says that both his skills in art and his new knowledge of Aboriginal culture have come in handy in his studies. Ron works one day a week at a local Primary school teaching Aboriginal art and culture. Initially Ron found the demands of media attention and the curious public difficult, but he is much more comfortable with both the media and the public now.

Ron believes that the success of Tobwabba has changed a lot of Aboriginal people's attitudes towards their own culture and their place in the community. The wider community has also had a change in attitude.

Ron says that the paintings commissioned by the RSL and the local Police for their respective foyers demonstrates the new attitudes towards the Aboriginal community in the wider community of Forster.

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