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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Terry Johnstone ]
Artworks Created: Bush Kangaroo, Koori Food Source, Turtles Underwater.

Terry was born in Sydney. He has been a member of the Forster Aboriginal community for the last fifteen years. Joining Tobwabba and developing his skills as an artist has also meant learning a lot more about Aboriginal culture than Terry previously knew, which he says has been very valuable.

Like the rest of the artists, Terry spends two days a week in the studio. He also does a great deal of work on his art at home. Terry is more comfortable working in bright colours. He finds the earthier tones quite difficult.

Terry does a lot of design work, although he finds the designs much more painstaking and time-consuming than paintings.

In interviews on SBS and ABC television Terry has spoken about the important role Tobwabba Art plays in community and economic development in the Forster Aboriginal community. While working at Tobwabba has certainly improved his income, Terry says that was not the reason he joined Tobwabba. He sees Tobwabba's financial success as an added bonus on top of its success as a community development project. Terry believes that Tobwabba has given people something to strive for.

Eventually he would like to see Tobwabba wholly managed and run by people from the Aboriginal community. He would also like Tobwabba to provide more employment for the community.

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